Oshogatsu 2023-2024 - New Year Holiday Period in Japan.
Dear friends, colleagues and partners! We thank you so much for your support in 2023 and look forward to be usefull for you in the New Year! Kindly note that due to the New Year holidays, Tosshin Co. Ltd will not be processing orders from December 29th, 2023 until January 8th, 2024. We will resume work from January 9th, 2024. Last shipments before the break will be sent on the 28th December. We wish you and your Families Good Health and Peace!

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Shipping EMS

EMS Tosshin Co., LTD is not responsible for payment of import duties and other fees, if any, required for payment under the laws of the country of destination. The client bears full responsibility for the payment of these payments when passing the order of customs clearance in the country of destination.

Please, consult with your post office and / or customs authority for acquaintance with the rules and restrictions of import duties before making the payment for the order.

In each country, there are customs restrictions on the importation of parcels by private individuals. Within these limits, parcels are not subject to any taxes and fees. Above the established restrictions —
the customs authorities will charge a certain fee.

Tosshin Co., LTD does not reimburse payments related to customs clearance of the order, nor does it refund the cost of orders and delivery if the authorities of the country of destination have imposed import restrictions.



The following articles cannot be shipped by EMS: liquids, paints, oils, gas tanks. Shipping restrictions include shock absorbers, air bags etc. Oversized parts cannot be shipped by EMS: long mouldings, brake/oil pipes, windshield glass, bumpers, doors, side and roof panels etc.

  • Weight = within 30 kg
  • Length = within 1.5 m
  • Length+(Height+Width) x 2 = within 3 m


In case of damage or loss, the actual damage cost will be compensated.

If EMS mail is damaged or partly missing during delivery, a maximum of 2 million yen is paid for the actual loss. If the EMS item is worth more than 20,000 yen, please indicate the premium from the table below that corresponds to the value of your EMS article on the required form. In such cases, an additional fee is required.

Claim amount under 20,000JPY is free of charge. It is possible to upgrade the claim amount of by paying 50JPY for each 20,000JPY. The upper limit on the compensation to be paid is 2,000,000JPY.

If the goods of the insured parcel were damaged / lost upon shipment — please contact us using the feedback form.

Declared price Insurance
up to ¥ 40 000¥ 50
up to ¥ 60 000¥ 100
up to ¥ 80 000¥ 150
up to ¥ 100 000¥ 200
up to ¥ 120 000¥ 250
up to ¥ 140 000¥ 300
up to ¥ 160 000¥ 350
up to ¥ 180 000¥ 400
up to ¥ 200 000¥ 450
up to ¥ 220 000¥ 500
up to ¥ 240 000¥ 550
up to ¥ 260 000¥ 600
up to ¥ 280 000¥ 650
up to ¥ 300 000¥ 700
up to ¥ 320 000¥ 750
up to ¥ 340 000¥ 800
up to ¥ 360 000¥ 850
up to ¥ 380 000¥ 900
up to ¥ 400 000¥ 950

Delivery days

Tosshin Co., LTD does not take responsibility and does not apply for compensation for exceeding the delivery time. The number listed in the table only indicates the average time required for standard delivery and does not in any way guarantee the exact number of days required for delivery.

Delivery days EMS

Shipping cost calculation

Check current pricing on Japan post site.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fill in the feedback form and our managers will get back to you soon.